Swagger/Postman Collection


I am trying to create a Microsoft flow connector for freeagent (to integrate with Dynamics CRM), and am wondering whether there is a pre-made Swagger or Postman collection available for the API?



Hi @Paul_Sanders :wave:

This might be a bit late for you, but since your post, I’ve created a Postman collection for the FreeAgent API, which I’d like to share, and which might help yourself or others in the future:

Please do let the community know if you find this useful!

All the best,

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Hello Peter,
I’ve just posted a query on using this postman collection (22/10/21). Would you mind taking a look? Thanks

Hey Michael,

I’ve been on holiday the last couple of weeks but looks like you’ve figured it out and my colleagues have merged down your contribution to the docs (thank you!) :raised_hands:

Really glad you managed to as I’m not sure how quickly I would have clocked on about the difference between the web and desktop callbacks! :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for contribution!


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Thanks for sharing such information keep posting thanks for your support.