Postman-freeagent-api-collection: app not recognized

Hi I’m just getting started with the API and trying to use the postman API collection here:

I’ve followed the instructions (I think). I’ve imported the collection into a new workspace; I’ve imported the sandbox variables into a sandbox environment. I’ve pasted in my client_id, client_secret - which were regenerated in my FA app.
However, when I click on ‘Get New Access Token’ and after redirection to the ‘Approve App!’ login, I get
‘Unknown Application’ from FA and the message:
We don’t recognise this app. Please get in touch with the author of the application you’re trying to approve.

I can login to my sandbox environment:

My app has these OAuth Redirect URIs listed in this order

I have followed the FA developer quickstart and tested the app in the google OAuth 2.0 Playground - so I know the client ID and secret are OK. All works, in that I can make a good call to the company endpoint:

I’m unclear whether I need to get the app working with the OAuth 2.0 playground, but it does.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi. Support. Can you help?

I’ve figured out what was going on and have created a PR to update the README to correct the postman OAuth Redirect URI when using the postman web app. Would a developer please review ? Thanks.

Hi Mic,

Welcome to our API Forum! :wave: My name is Katie, I’m one of the Support Engineers here at FreeAgent.

Apologies we didn’t manage to get to your original question to help you out, but I’m glad you were able to work out the issue yourself!

Our engineering team has reviewed the PR you created and has merged your changes into our repository. Thank you very much for the time you’ve taken to detail out the information, we really appreciate the contribution!

Kind regards,

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I was facing several issues i will try this out if it works than thanks in advance.


I’m still hitting this issue.

Unknown Application
We don’t recognise this app. Please get in touch with the author of the application you’re trying to approve.

I use MFA which I saw referenced as an issue in another ticket. Is URL required?

Appreciate the help. Was hoping to get started today!

Issue resolved now. However, for future reference I don’t know if:

  1. It was a timing issue
  2. It was fixed internally

Either way, I can start playing!