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Having read the through some of the other topics, I can see that you cannot specify online payment options to be used through the API when creating an invoice at this current time. (See Setting Online payment options in Invoice API)

My question is; will it default to all available options? or default to no options selected, in which case there is no way to generate an invoice and let free agent manage the payment? If the latter is true, I assume the only option would be to raise the invoice through the free agent api, give the customer the option to pay through a custom provider (stripe, paypal etc) and then use the free agent api again to update the invoice status after successful payment?

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From my experience, no available payment options are selected. What I have to do is generate the invoice in FreeAgent as a Draft and then go into FreeAgent, manually edit that Invoice, select my desired payment options, and then send the invoice. It’s a real pain and I would love to fully automate this via the API.

Hi @benjenkins888,

I’m afraid that at present, we don’t expose the payment options via the API.
The workaround provided by @Joshua_Pinter (thank you!) is your best option, though we appreciate it’s far from ideal.

I promise that your request(s) have been heeded and that we’re capturing the demand for this feature.
@benjenkins888, if you haven’t already done so, please do add your vote to this card on our public Trello board:

We’ll post any updates on this forum and thanks you for your feedback and understanding.
Dave J

P.S. @benjenkins888 your proposed work-around, of taking payment outwith FreeAgent and manually adding a payment later, will work as you describe :thumbsup:

@benjenkins888, @Joshua_Pinter - I’m one of the Product Managers here at FreeAgent.

Can I ask what your workflow is? I’m intrigued to find out your use case. Any chance you have 10-15mins to chat at some point? My email address is kate at



Absolutely. I don’t know if it requires a phone call, though.

Our billing system creates an Invoice via the API and we need to be able to activate the Stripe payment option programmatically so that our customers can pay via credit card. Right now, because we can’t set the Stripe payment option programmatically, we have to create a Draft Invoice, then somebody has to go in, edit each Invoice, check off the Stripe payment option, then save and schedule it.

This is unsustainable as volume increases.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Hi Ben & Joshua,

Just a quick pointer to Online Payment Methods where we’ve announced support (in beta currently) for online payment methods in the API.

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