Invoice ec_status value for Non-EC countries

When creating invoices for businesses located in international (non-EC) countries e.g. United Arab Emirates, and using the reverse charge VAT mechanism, what value should we set them as in the API? Currently the only available option to reverse charge is setting ec_status="EC Services", however that is not strictly speaking correct as the country is not located in the EC, nor are we as a UK based company.

We note that it is possible to edit each individual invoice and select the “reverse charge” option, but we want to automate this and include it in the API so that whenever an invoice is created for a particular foreign country where we know we need to reverse charge the tax (e.g. UAE), it automatically states “reverse charge supplies” on the invoice, and lists their tax number.

Is there a specific value we should be using for this, or do we have to send ec_status="EC Services"?

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the API forum and thanks for your question! You’ve found an area of our naming behind the scenes that needs some work. To answer your question, setting ec_status to "EC Services" is the right way to get the Reverse Charge behaviour you want.

As we spoke about in a handling VAT after Brexit post, we recognise that this has the potential to be confusing, so there is work underway to separate out the Reverse Charge naming from our EC Status system. When that happens, we’ll publish an announcement here to give you time to migrate.

I hope that helps!


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All understood, thanks very much James

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