Important Announcement: Rate Limits

Hi All,

As part of our ongoing work to strengthen our systems and improve reliability for all users we will shortly be introducing rate limits to our API.

The exact nature of these limits is still being finalised, however our current proposal (which may be subject to change) is to set request limits as follows:

3600 requests per user per hour
120 requests per user per minute
5 token refreshes per minute

These limits are per individual user of your integration and are reset at the “top” of every hour/minute.

If your integration exceeds these limits, our API will respond with a 429 (Too Many Requests) status code until the restriction has expired.

Please ensure you take steps to have your integrations handle this response and back off before retrying. We will be reviewing apps which continue to make a high volume of requests to our API while rate limited, and may have to take action to further restrict apps which do not respect the limits.

As per our 3 month notification policy for major changes, this restriction will not be implemented before 1st July 2017. We will be monitoring which applications would currently be affected by these limits and reaching out to individual high traffic users and/or refining our proposed limits accordingly before then.

We know for the vast majority of our integrations this will not be an issue. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to reply here and either I or one of the other developers here at FreeAgent will be happy to help.

Kind Regards,