Duplicates in paginated results


On three occasions in the past month I have seen duplicates returned in paginated requests to the bank transactions endpoint.

In each case:

  • the updated_since date filter was set;
  • the page size was 100 and there was more than 1 page of results;
  • the first 25 results of the second page duplicated the last 25 results of the first page.

25 looks suspicious as it is the default page size.

(I haven’t determined whether this always happens when there is more than 1 page of results.)

I don’t know whether this could be related to Duplicated tasks being returned when paging.

Of course it could be a problem at my end, but I wondered whether there’s any chance there could be some kind of bug at FreeAgent’s end.

Many thanks!

Andrew Stewart

Hi, Andrew.

Thanks for bringing this up. You said “three occasions in the past month”. I take it this isn’t something you can reliable reproduce?

If I’m mistaken and you can reproduce it, can you send me the code you’re using to query the bank transactions? I’m going to try to repro here in the mean time but having your info might help with that.

Hi Pat,

That’s right, I can’t reproduce it on demand. The code runs every 30min and each of the 3 occasions occurred at 4:03am, which presumably was just after a bank feed loaded new transactions into the account in question.

I don’t know whether there were more than 100 new transactions only on those 3 occasions, or on other days too, but I could figure that out if it would help.


Thanks for the additional info. We’ll make a card and look into it. Thanks, Andrew and sorry for the trouble it’s causing.

Hi Pat,

Just to let you know this happened again last night just after 3:30am UTC. Please tell me if there’s any information I can provide which might help track this down.

Many thanks!


Do you mind terribly posting the code you’re using to get the transactions? Feel free to omit any ids, etc. I’ve been digging into the code and logs and nothing is jumping out at me.

(If you’d rather, you can email it into support@freeagent.com and just let them know it’s for me)

Pat, I have just sent an email. Many thanks!