Change in bank transactions endpoint?


It looks like the list all bank transactions under a certain bank account endpoint has changed within the past few hours. There now appears to be a “balance” key at the top level of the response:

  "balance": "123.45",
  "bank_transactions": [ ... ]

Unfortunately this unexpected field has broken my integration. It hopefully won’t be hard to fix but I would have appreciated notice of the upcoming change; or failing that, an entry in an API changelog after the fact. As it is not even the docs (see link above) have been updated.

I realise adding a field probably doesn’t count as a backward-incompatible change but it would be nice for the change to be documented somewhere. As it is, I have to drop what I’m doing to fix my app, and it is not a convenient time.

Is there any chance you could publish a changelog for the changes you make to the API?

Many thanks,
Andrew Stewart

Hello Andrew

Indeed, sorry about that, it is my bad, a change was done to the public API by mistake. It will be reverted and should be online within the next hour.

Once again sorry about the trouble.

Florent Weillaert

Hello Florent,

Thank you very much for the quick response. I appreciate it!

And thank you for the quick resolution too.


No problems, thanks for bringing it up to us quickly as well!

The change have been reverted and you should no longer see the new field.

Have a good day,

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For future reference, we publish a changelog on the FreeAgent Developer Dashboard (when we make intentional changes!).


Thanks Alistair, that’s good to know. For some reason I hadn’t registered its existence before.