Change in bank transactions endpoint again?


Similar to a few weeks ago, the bank transactions endpoint is currently returning an extra key at the top level:

  "balance_brought_forward": "123.45",
  "bank_transactions": [
    { ... },
    { ... },

Is this an intentional change? I checked the changelog this time but didn’t see anything about it.

Many thanks,
Andrew Stewart

Hello Andrew!

I looked into it, it seems that this field has been there since 2017. It will show if the view parameter is set to all and the transactions are in ascending order by date (which is the default). Do you see it in another scenario or in a scenario where it didn’t appear before?

It is indeed unfortunately missing from the documentation but wouldn’t appear in the changelog since 2017

Florent Weillaert

Hi Florent!

Aha – I don’t usually set the view parameter to all so that will be why I haven’t seen that field before.

Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:


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With it being absent from the documentation and the new field last month I understand the confusion :sweat_smile:

Thanks for checking it with us and for confirming it wasn’t a behaviour change!