Zapier functionality is a bit thin

I’ve just reached out to the guys at Zapier who tell me that you maintain the freeagent code there.

There’s no ability to do anything like create invoices, estimates, and so on, based on a trigger. Our source input would know your contact ID, we just need to tell you the lines to put on an invoice and then to send it, mark as paid, wahtever.

Is this something that you would be looking at creating at all, please?


Hi Daniel
Sorry but I have never had anything at all to do with zapier.

Just to back up what Daniel says, we’d love more full Zapier functionality - we’re having to spend a fair amount of money to find someone to build an API to do what we had hoped FreeAgent and Zapier would do.

Can I ask again, Zapier have said that it’s the FreeAgent guys that maintain the Zapier integration - is this true?

Can we get the ability to add contacts and set the invoicing sequence when we do so, please?

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Freeagent is frustrating for this very reason. I am dealing with this exact problem, only this is a year later and still it is not solved or even addressed. Problem is my client has been using freeagent for over 8 years. there’s no escaping it

Hi all. Sorry you’re feeling frustrated by this :sweat: integration. We’re currently in the process of chatting to Zapier and looking into how and where we should be updating the integration to allow you to create Zaps that give you want you need. It’s clearly not up to scratch right now.

From the messages on this thread we already get a feel for what functionality you’d like, but if you could go into more detail about your specific use case, that would be really helpful.

Well, for a start, looking at the existing actions (create contact, or create task) they need to be able to mimic the existing functionality within the normal client.

For example when creating a contact there is no “Contact-level Invoice Sequence” feature, no default terms, and so on. Merely having these would be good. Extending these to “request direct debit mandate on creation” would be excellent, too.

However one thing that I have had to code my own deployment for is because you allow new invoice as a trigger, but not as an action. So if I have my billing system elsewhere (as I do) create a new invoice, I cannot use Zapier to synchronise it over. This nearly resulted in us finding another system but many months of work with Kate, your product manager, saved us from having to do so.

tl;dr: contact-level invoice sequencing on contact creation screen, please

Hello, here is an example of a specific use case…

create invoice.

I would like to create an invoice in Freeagent via Zapier when a Shopify order comes in.

Specifics for me would be the ability to:

New project, both as an action and a trigger and ability to assign it to a client
Add time tracking to a project e.g. from Toggl

That’s all I can think of at the moment.


December 17 when you updated. Please just add some more hooks and triggers! Zapier give us a simple way to add the functionality that you ignore on your depot roadmap!


Hi All,

Tom here from FreeAgent Support Engineering. Myself and some of my colleagues are currently in the process of adding additional actions and triggers to the FreeAgent/Zapier integration and we’re making pretty good progress. I’m unable to give an exact timeframe for when we’ll be ready to deploy, but I will certainly keep you updated within this thread.

We may even publish a blog post to advertise the improvements when they’re ready!

No promises here, but if you have any triggers/actions that would be particularly useful to your workflow(s), let us know and I’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:


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Hi Tom,
Some suggestions:


  1. When an Invoice moves to the Paid Status
  2. When a new Bank Transaction is created. Optional parameter to trigger on credits or debits but the default would be both. Possibly a parameter to only trigger within specific limits (between £0 to £100)

3) Create a new invoice … with multiple lines (i.e. using invoice_items even if we have to build our own json was this part)
4) Create a Bank Transaction Explanation (e.g. for an invoice receipt)
5) Trigger to send an invoice as an email ({{invoice_id}}/send_email) with “invoice”:{ “email”:{ “use_template”: true} }
6) Update a Contact

7) From a Invoice Reference Number find the ID for the Invoice.


This would be great but I guess it’s on the back burner. I can still only see 2 options in Zapier.

What’s the latest with this please? There seems to have been no progress in four years?!?

Zapier could have saved our lives today had it had the ability to add invoices. Seems like the minimum requirement.

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Zapier triggers (ie, things happening in FreeAgent I’d like to trigger things happening in other apps:

  • When invoices are reconciled with the payment for them

Zapier Actions (ie, things that Zapier can automate in FA)

  • Ability to create draft invoices, amend invoices and send invoices

I moved over from Xero a year or so ago, and look enviously at the suite of trigger and actions Xero has with zapier. I’m seriously considering moving back as a result.

If you need to automate things in FreeAgent, Zapier still has very limited functionality.

However “Zoho Flow” has an excellent native FreeAgent integration, nearly API complete, and their support is excellent. I had an issue with it missing “stock ID” as a parameter on a new invoice & they added it to the UI very swiftly!

I have been able to replace all the scripts I was using (which required me to manually get an OAUTH token each time) with two Zoho Flows (one “Create FA Invoice” to create a contact & invoice for each order, and the last step calls a second flow, “Add Item To Invoice” which is called once for each item that needs to be added).

The end result has reduced a massive accounting overhead into something that just requires me to approve invoices and reconcile them with bank payments.

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No movement on this 6 years guys? We’re taking payments in Stripe and sitting each day to transfer them manually to FreeAgent. such a colossal waste of everyone’s time.

Hi all :wave:

I’m Adam, and I work on the Engineering team here at FreeAgent.

I’m sorry that there hasn’t been any movement here in quite some time, and thank you all for sharing your ideas for possible enhancements to our integration. I can’t make any promises, but I have re-raised this as a feature request in order to get it in front of our Product team, who will then evaluate and prioritise this request alongside other work.

Unfortunately, I can’t say if or when this work might happen, but we will keep you posted if we have any updates to share.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any other ideas, either specifically about our integration with Zapier, or more generally about our API!

Kind regards,