Wildcard URLs containing dashes and port numbers

Hi All,

We have a requirement to support OAuth callback urls with arbitrary subdomains. However wildcard option doesn’t allow for dashes -. So for example if the call back was configured as https://*.freeagent.com/oauth/callback then
https://anaccount.freeagent.com/oauth/callback would be a valid callback but https://an-account.freeagent.com/oauth/callback wouldn’t be allowed to enable the integration.

As a workaround we have been able to do add the following as registered callback on our application listing in the console (freeagent.com is used here as an example - that’s not our actual callback):
and so on

Separately it would be helpful if the call back URL support arbitrary port numbers - for example:


Hi Phillip,

You’re not the first developer to report the issue with dashes in wildcard hostnames, and we’ve got a fix in the pipeline ready to push out to solve this issue. We’re just giving it a final QA, but that should be deployed very soon - I’ll update you here when that’s done.

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