Why are PO numbers (aka customer refs) only available for projects, and not all invoices?

Surely every invoice (no matter how its created) needs to have 2 reference numbers allocated to it - the customers reference, and our reference.

Our reference is normally the invoice number
Their reference is the PO number or a 2-3 word description of the job

I cant see a way to allocate a customer reference/PO number to an invoice without opening a project. Id like PO numbers or Customer references to be able to be allocated to an invoice without being tied to a project


Hi Ian,

Welcome to the forum :wave:. It’s possible to add a PO reference to an invoice when creating through the app or the API.

In the app, when creating an invoice, expanding the More Options card will allow you to see a field for the PO Reference.

Through the API, you can pass an invoice attribute of po_reference, as explained in the FreeAgent API docs here.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Support Engineer

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