Who uses a PHP library and where did they get it from?

Hi all.

I have been using a PHP library I found on GitHub by Nick Heppleston which hasn’t been touched in years, and with a bit of hacking I got working. It only has Invoices, Contacts and a bit of Projects. I had to re-write the OAuth bits for them to work. I wanted to do some stuff with time slips and calendars, so I thought I would take another look at what is out there and all I could find were variations on the same code, with what appears to be very little added.

So my question is: What do other people use, and is there any interest in creating a group interested in developing a FreeAgent PHP library?

At the very least, it would be nice to come up with a list of what’s out there already.



I’ve been using this:

I wrote and use this:

It’s fairly verbose and doesn’t cover everything, but it gets a fair bit done. Hope it helps.