WHMCS to FreeAgent module

I’m about to order an integration module between FreeAgent and WHMCS but before I do, I’d like to confirm our workflow will work.

At the moment I have per contact invoice numbering configured with a 6 character 4 number scheme, so each company’s first invoice is XXXXXX0001 where XXXXXX is taken from the company name.

  • Going forward this will be set on client signup in WHMCS and invoices exported to FreeAgent.
  • WHMCS Sends Contacts to FreeAgent.
  • WHMCS Sends Invoices to FreeAgent with invoice number synchronisation.
  • WHMCS Sends/Receives Payments to/from FreeAgent
  • New invoices will be sent to clients from WHMCS and not from FreeAgent.
  • PayPal payments will be made through WHMCS integration.
  • Bank payments will be captured through FreeAgent bank integration. When the invoice is marked paid this will be imported by WHMCS.

In this scenario will the FreeAgent PayPal integration be able to track payments against invoices?

Can you confirm these aims can be met by the current FreeAgent API, is there anything else I should be looking to achieve?

Once the module is completed I’m hoping ModulesGarden will make it publicly available.

Hi, did ModulesGarden complete this module for you in the end? We are looking to switch to FreeAgent and WHMCS sync is a major plus for us…

Wegrammi will do it for £400