Welcome to the FreeAgent API Discussion Group


Hi everyone,
Welcome to the Discussion Forum for the FreeAgent API.

You can find all the documentation for the FreeAgent API over at http://dev.freeagent.com.
You can also track development progress and vote for features on our public Trello board.

Having trouble with the FreeAgent API?

Before posting on the forum, we recommend POSTing your API query to httpbin. This helps you check your requests are formatted in accordance with our documentation.

Still need help? Please ensure you provide as much information as possible, so we can isolate your requests:

  • The name of your app (as registered in Dev Dashboard)
  • A description of the problem
  • A sanitised version of your API request
  • A sanitised version of the API response (including response code and any error messages)
  • Timestamps of your requests (in UTC)
  • The IP address from which your requests originate
  • Which environment are you querying? (production or sandbox)?

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