Vendor Invoice payments


I am not able to get the payments for bills or vendor invoices and Journal entries for all transactions. Please help.

Hi David,

Welcome to our API forum! My name is Andrew and I’m a part of the engineering team here at FreeAgent. Thanks for posting your question - I’ll try my best to help.

By bill or invoice payments do you mean the associated bank transaction or bank account entry records? Or do you just need to know whether a bill/invoice has been paid or not? At the moment, there isn’t a way to return the bank transactions/bank account entry records for a given bill/invoice. To change this we would need us to raise a feature request.

If, however, you are just looking at seeing whether a bill or invoice has been paid, you can do this by filtering by paid on either the bills or invoices endpoints. E.g. using a request like these


These requests will list only paid bills or invoices. If you want to get the date the bills/invoices were paid, you should then be able to use the paid_on attribute returned for each entry. Whilst the paid_value and total_value attributes should then give you the gross value of the given bill/invoice. More information on these endpoints can be found in our bills and invoices documentation.

Regarding your second point on journal entries for transactions. Could you please provide some more information on what you mean here? Not all transactions will have associated journal entries. If you want to get a list of all journal entries you can use the journal sets endpoint.

I hope this helps!