VAT Import Certificates

Hi There
I’m trying to add an Invoice for an import, the invoice value is £3219.81 and that includes an admin fee for clearing an import of £63.13 leaving £3156.68 VAT paid to account for.
I have a VAT certificate in my HMRC account for £3156.68.
I paid the invoice and it’s showing as an unexplained payment in my banking.
However when I try to put the invoice on the Freeagent software I don’t know what category to put it under.
Can anyone help or am I missing something obvious?

Hi Dave,

Thank you for getting in touch. This forum is generally aimed at developers with FreeAgent API related queries.

If you still require some support categorising your transaction, please get in touch with our Support team, and someone will be able to guide you through the process. You can find contact details for our Support team here below:

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