Users list not complete


I am using the REST API to retrieve list of users and I have noticed that on all users are returned when I want to list them all. Some of the users have the role Employee but I noticed when I change the role to Director, the user appears in the list. But when I move it back to employee again it disappears. Other users that have role Employee are appearing properly in the REST response.

When I use the user ID to retrieve the missing user with a single user retrieval, I get the user back correctly and with all the proper information.

Any ideas why this is the case?
Your help is much appreciated.

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Before any reads my question, it is solved. I read in the documentation in the introduction that all services having pagination functionality included. So it was just that we have more then 25 users in the list. So by adding ?per_page=50 we get the all the users in 1 request.

it would have helped to add a note to all the list method that pagination parameters are implicitly supported because it’s a list,