Updating Timeslip with "billed on invoice"

So, here’s the situation.

I create an estimate, send it to the client. Client agrees, and I do the work.
I track the work with Timeslips, so I have a record of how long I have spent on that project.
Work is complete, client is happy and asks for the invoice. I then “make estimate invoice” and send it.

However, I want to record the Timeslips against that Invoice, so they are marked as being invoiced. I don’t want to change them to unbilled, re-do the invoice, or anything else, simply mark them as being “invoiced” so they don’t get pulled into any generation.

Looking into the API, my invoiced timeslips do have the field “billed_on_invoice” (I’m assuming it is checking for billed_on_invoice), however I cannot update this (it submits, just isn’t updated).
So I thought it might have to do with the invoice itself, but I cannot add anything to it whilst it is locked.

Can billed_on_invoice be freed so I can manually update it, or indeed add some feature when you can assign an invoice to timeslips?

Hi Quin452,

Ewa here from the Engineering Team at FreeAgent — thanks for your message on our forum and welcome to our API community!

At present, I’m afraid FreeAgent doesn’t support the option to associate timeslips with an invoice without including them as invoice items. This means that although you could edit an invoice generated from an estimate to include timeslips on it (by changing the Include Unbilled Items option in the web app, or its equivalent include_timeslips in the API), this will result in your invoice listing both invoice items from the estimate and timeslips, which you’d then need to deduplicate.

I realise that this isn’t an ideal flow in your use case, so I’ve passed the information about your request
(marking timeslips as invoiced, without actually adding them to an invoice) to the Product Manager responsible for this part of functionality in FreeAgent, to make sure your feedback is included in any considerations they make for tweaking it in the future.

Best wishes,