Unavailable Implied Permissions


When using the FreeAgent website, even with very low permission you get
some implied access above your permission level. The easiest example is
highlighted here (

  • A user that can only track time is able to see project names and task
    names, but via the API this is not the case (one cannot query for a list of
    projects or tasks for a user with this level of permission. So the site is
    able to realise that access to the projects is implied and allowed but the
    API doesn’t.

A user has to have permissions of level 3 or higher to do the basic
timetracking via the API - however this exposes project budgets, earnings
and client contact details - which is often far too much access for someone
who is tracking time.

Is there any plans to allow the same implied access that the website
benefits from to the API?

Many thanks,