Unable to Authorize App


I have created my app, gone to the Google Playgroup, entered the relevant details and clicked on Authorize API. I get redirected to the sandbox site (https://login.sandbox.freeagent.com/login) where i enter my login details and click Approve App. Once i have clicked Approve App, I am then requested to log in. When i try to login in, nothing happens apart from the page refreshing… I was hoping to get redirected back to the Playground where i can continue to Exchange Authorization Code for Tokens…

Am i doing something wrong?



Hi Jag,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the sandbox.

Good news is, you are not doing anything wrong! We have looked into this and there was a configuration issue on the sandbox server, which we have now fixed. You should be able to log in as usual now.

Please let us know if you run into any other issues.