Trailbalance Import issue

Hi Team,

One of our client trying to import the trailabalnce from freegagent but we are not geeting any result

please check and confirm

Subdomain : Redacted

Hi Sindhu,

I’ve redacted the information above, as I’m not sure what the code above was for, but I was concerned it was a configuration code which shouldn’t be shared online. Could you let me know what that code was for?

I’ve also redacted the subdomain you provided as this is unique to each company, and is best shared in direct messages instead of on a public forum.

Firstly, could I ask whether it’s just this one client that’s experiencing issues with their trial balance, and whether your other clients are seeing the same issues?

Secondly, could you please provide the request url that you are sending so that we can check it’s in the right format?

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HI Katie,

Thanks for your reply

Only this client is facing issue while importing the trailabalnce form free agent


SubDomain : REDACTED

Please check the below highlighted code and let me know why the isseu is happening only for this client


HI Team,

Any update on above issue please

Waiting for your reply

Thanks in advance

HI Team,

Waiting for your reply

Hi Sindhu,

As per my colleague Katie’s message please do not share the subdomains of companies on the public forum. I have also removed the code and subdomain for the same reason.

Is this just one client (please do not share any confidential details) or are you seeing this with many?

For reference, this forum is for general API assistance and not for urgent or timely queries. We ask that if you require an urgent response please get in touch with our support team directly. The forum is a great resource for Engineers and devs to help each other out with queries but we don’t have a time based deadline to respond to questions, so it’s quite normal to wait a couple of days for a reply.

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