Tomorrow's change to reverse charge


Does tomorrow’s change to how the reverse charge is handled affect an ec_status of “EC Goods”?

I understand that “EC Services” is being replaced by “Reverse Charge” for transactions on or after 01.01.2021 for UK-excluding-Northern-Ireland companies but I can’t tell whether “EC Goods” will be affected.

Please could you clarify?

Many thanks,

Andrew Stewart

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your question, EC Goods behaviour will remain as-is, only EC Services behaviour will change.

Jordan - FreeAgent

Hi Jordan,

Thank you very much. I appreciate the swiftness of your reply!


Hey Jordan,

One more question, if I may: the list of affected resources in your announcement doesn’t include bank transaction explanations – but they have an ec_status attribute. Please could you confirm whether explanations are affected?

Thanks again,

Oh, one more one-more question!

Is there a way to tell if a company is based in Northern Ireland rather than anywhere else in the UK?

Yes, apologies for the omission, explanations will use the new behaviour too.

There are a couple of ways to tell based on information you can get over the FA API:

  • Company Postcode - NI Postcodes begin with “BT”, probably the most reliable
  • company_registration_number - NI CRNs have their own format, so you could also use this.

Brilliant, thanks again!