Timeslips Endpoint Empty

Our timeslips endpoint has suddenly started returning an empty array with no filtering in place. Without any changes to our application retrieving the data it’s gone from an array of thousands of records to zero.

I’ve tried contacting support@ but they just bounced me here.

Hi Craig,

Recently we updated the timeslips API to behave consistently with the full desktop app.

If you fetch timeslips with an access_token of a user with permission level 1 to 6 (Time, My Money, Contacts & Projects, Invoices, Estimates & Files, Bills, Banking) the API will automatically filter timeslips for the given user.

However, users with “Full Access”, or “Tax, Accounting & Users” permission will receive an unfiltered collection of timeslips for all users.

Could you please double check the API user’s permission level?


Anup Narkhede

Yep, that was it! Thanks very much.

Have you also applied the same security to the expenses endpoint?

No problem Craig. Yes, a similar update was applied to expenses API around mid-October.

Hi there, we’re having the same issue with this, across two different codebases which have both stopped working. I’ve changed the permissions to Level 7 for the API user, however it hasn’t made any difference. I presume user permissions are checked live by the API and not cached?

Edit - never mind - it was this, I’d just updated the wrong user!