Thinking how to use FreeAgent and Stripe for a SaaS billing platform


We’ve been looking at launching a new web application and thinking about
how we can manage the payments for this.

Usual features apply: 30 day trial, take credit card for recurring
payments, automate invoice sending and payment allocation.

We’ve looked at various billing platforms such as Chedder Getter / Recurly
/ Chargify / ChargeBee etc. but it would be nice to keep everything in our
FreeAgent accounts.

Looking at the FreeAgent API I can do the following:

Customer registers in our web app with free 30 day access to the app.
Supplies contact/invoice/card details
At this point create a Stripe contact and recurring card profile

Create a CRON job to check for > 30 days (trial) at which point if not
cancelled trial

Create a Contact FreeAgent
Create an Invoice

In the absence of API call to create a recurring invoice, I’ll have to
create a new invoice on receipt of new payments from Stripe or via CRON.

This is where things get hazy… How can I allocate the Stripe payments to
the invoices in FreeAgent automatically?

Does Stripe appear in our accounts list like normal bank/PayPal accounts
and automatically matches payments? I guess this would be a manual task to
click and approve these every month (must be a better way)?

Am I stretching what can be done with FreeAgent too far and I should just
concentrate on a dedicated billing platform for our app?



Hey Pete. Did you ever manage to solve this issue? Did you end up just writing something custom that would create a contact and invoice for every SaaS customer? Or did you find a better way to do this? I’m facing similar decisions at the moment and not sure of the best approach.

Wow - 4 years ago.
I’m afraid not. This was primarily for a project we were scoping out at the time and we didn’t go down that road in the end. Sorry I can’t help.

This approach certainly works – I have code doing this now.

I’m considering rolling it into DoubleAgent but it depends whether there’s enough demand to make the time investment worthwhile…

Hey Andrew… Oh I hadn’t heard of Double Agent… I’ll check that out. I for one would be super interested in a Stripe integration.