Support for Domestic reverse charge for UK clients

Considering the Domestic reverse VAT charge, the UK government has outlined as per the link below, we are planning to provide this support for all our clients.

It would be important to know, if Freeagent will provide a support for this to it’s clients in their Accounting package? And will it be accessible in the api as well?

Also it will be great to know if this will be applied to Sales invoices or for Bills as well?

Hi there,

My names George and I’m the product manager for the Tax Engineering team at FreeAgent. We build and maintain all the tax features you see in FreeAgent.

We do have these changes in our sights and will look to provide support in some fashion. At this stage I cannot say whether that will be a new option in FreeAgent, in which case we would look at extending it to the API, or whether it’s instructions on how to record these transactions using our existing functionality.

As we get closer feel free to get back in touch, but I’ll try to keep this thread updated with our plans in any case.

All the best,