Suppliers - why can't you set their VAT rate etc?

I’m a relatively new user, and I’m setting up suppliers.

There doesn’t seem to be a panel for giving their details. Ie I can set a % for VAT for invoicing them which I will never do. I can’t see a way of setting their VAT rating.

Eg I have two freelancers, one who is VAT registered, one who is not.

I want on each of their contact pages to set how much VAT they charge.

Also, the reference - don’t want to put it in manually.

And their cost code - so cost of sales.

Have I missed something?

Hi there :wave: James from FreeAgent here.

It looks like you may need some help within the FreeAgent app itself rather than the API.

If you send us an email at one of our Support Team should be able to help you with your queries.

Best regards,