Struggling to get started with API

Hi, I’m a new FreeAgent user and I’m trying to set up an integration between Airtable and FreeAgent via Make (formerly Integromat), and I’m really struggling to understand the API documentation, it’s a bit over my head.

I’ve created a FreeAgent Developer Dashboard account, created an app and managed to follow the steps at FreeAgent Developer Dashboard through to creating the access & refresh tokens, but now I am stuck.

To set up the API call in Make I need a URL: (Enter a path relative to e.g. /v2/users/me) - where do I find that now?

I didn’t change anything in the URL fields of my app because I didn’t know what I should put other than the default, and couldn’t find any information on that in the docs.

I tried a logical URL in Make but I am not sure if it is giving me an error because it’s wrong or because of something else, and how to fix this error in any case:

[400] Format not recognised. Set accept http header to application/json or application/xml

Set the header where? In Make or in the OAuth playground somewhere?

I feel like I am groping in the dark here and finding little bits of info but not enough to bring everything together in a functional state!

For context, the high level of what I am trying to do right now is call a list of draft invoices from FreeAgent, to then add new line items based on Airtable records.

TIA for any help!


The relative path you need to list draft invoices is: /v2/invoices?view=draft (see our Invoices API documentation).

It sounds like the Accept header needs to be configured in Make, and should be set to application/json for most tools.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any specific guidance on how to use Make, sorry!

Kind regards,

Thank you. Now I got a new error (resource not found) but I’ve sent a ticket to Make to see if they can help further on their end.

I think what I don’t really understand is, what tells the API to connect to my Freeagent account to fetch my data? Other than the developer account being connected with the same account during setup, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else it is specified. Is that correct?

I thought I had managed to follow the Playground setup steps correctly based on the documentation, but now I’m really not sure I have and maybe the “resource not found” error from Make is because it is not correctly configured.