Stripe Bank Feed

Hi, I can’t understand why this hasn’t been suggested already? But I have a control ‘Bank Account’ in FreeAgent for Stripe transactions and would like the API bank feed to work the same way as does PayPal.

i.e. In that all my transactions are imported automatically to the Stripe account, and will be recognised by guess feature as a payment + fee against invoice and then guess the transactions as a transfer to my Mettle Bank.

This is in addition to exisiting invoice payment api

Surely this is already in the pipeline, but thought I’d mention it to save a lot of time.


Thank you for your suggestion, I can see how this can be useful within the FreeAgent application. Would you be happy to email that suggestion to and ask them to write it up as a feature request?

This forum is more for folks who are working with the FreeAgent API to build their own integrations and tools, but it feels like you’re working directly with the FreeAgent web application - if you have any questions or suggestions as you work with the FreeAgent web app, the best resources for you are our knowledge base and our support team. You can contact them with the “Help” button found throughout the application or by emailing


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In the meantime you might be interested in DoubleAgent, my product which reconciles Stripe payouts for you.

It’s not quite the same as having a bank account in FreeAgent which mirrors your Stripe account. But the end result is the same: all your Stripe charges and refunds and fees are booked correctly and automatically.

You can read more about how it works here.

Sorry for the self-promotion; but I thought it sounded relevant to what you’re looking for.

Andrew Stewart