Stripe API versions


Stripe upgrades its API versions from time to time. I have Stripe integrated into my Freeagent. Will upgrading my Stripe API break the integration?

Hi @javorszky,

Thanks for your question! You say:

Do you mean clients can pay your invoices using Stripe, via the integration provided by FreeAgent? If so, then nothing that you do personally with Stripe’s API will change how this operates. The version of the API that FreeAgent uses is fixed by us; the application makes calls to the Stripe API endpoints on your behalf. We will occasionally update this as required, but you will not lose the ability to have clients pay your invoices this way.

If you mean something else, please let me know!


Hi @James_Bell,

Yes, I was wondering whether I’d break my customers’ ability to pay invoices via Stripe if I mess with the API versions. Thank you for the answer.