Strip commas when cutting and pasting into numerical fields

Just started using FreeAgent.

Have been cut and pasting figures in to my accounts.

When I copy £1,234 from a proposal and add it to a project or on to an invoice amount, it rejects it.

You have to take out the £ and the comma for it to be accepted.

Why can’t the software strip these two punctuation marks out?

This is a tiny thing but would save me a lot of time constantly pasting in a figure adn then correcting it.

Hi there :wave:

Jamie from FreeAgent here, thanks for reaching out. I can see how automatically stripping the “£”, and “,” characters when pasting in figures would create a much smoother experience, as well as being a big time saver.

I’ve logged this as a feature request for you, which means this will get triaged by the correct team for consideration in due course.

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