SSL Peer shut down incorrectly

Hi our calls to the freeagent api are suddenly on error with the following message

SSL Peer shut down incorrectly

Does anyone have any idea where to start with this?

Hi Gary,

I’m not aware of any recent changes on our side which would suddenly cause this to happen.
I’ve also taken a quick look at the logs on our side and can’t see any SSL negotiation errors.

Has anything changed with your development stack recently ?

If this is still occurring could I ask you please reply with the following details:

  • The full error you are seeing.
  • When you started seeing the SSL errors.
  • The environment you are connecting to (production or sandbox) ?
  • The development stack you are using including version (e.g. Java 1.7)

Also could you please send the following via private message to me (click my Avatar on this reply and you should have the option to message me)

With those details hopefully we can work out what is going on.


Thanks for your reply Nathan,

We rebooted our entire stack and the issue seems to have cleared.

FYI turns out that we were getting similar problems with other ssl connections so it doesn’t seem to be specifically related to Freeagent at all