Snail Mail Invoices


We use a platform called STANNP to send out mail currently for some of our other services. Is there a way we can get FreeAgent to do this via the API?

What would be ideal is if we could add a custom field into the invoices section that allows us to say “Send By Mail”. and get a list of invoices that are marked as unsent with this attribute that we can then trigger the STANNP API with?

I’m open to other suggestions on how we can achieve this, or if we can via the API? Obviously I don’t want to send duplicates to clients that do use emails.


Hi @tomski,

That’s a good question! I did as I’m sure you have done and dug through the API documentation. It doesn’t look like FreeAgent currently supply any API endpoints that will let you know if an invoice has any associated sent emails.

The application has hold of this data so it can show an email history on relevant invoices. However, the public API doesn’t currently expose this information. Without knowing if the email has been sent, I feel like it would render what you currently want to do quite difficult.

In addition, I’m not sure where you could hold onto a custom “Send By Email” trigger. I suppose you might to store this field somewhere yourself, linking to the invoice URI.

We may in the future add the ability to see email history, and if so we’ll update this thread. Sorry to not have any better ideas for you right now.

Best regards,

Thanks James - what would be super helpful is the ability to add custom attributes to invoices.

For example, if I could add a custom attribute (either via the web interface or API) that allows me to add a checkbox of “Send by Postal Mail”, and that attribute was then pulled through by the API that would be awesome!

I know it’s probably really low priority, but as a user this is something we’d find hugely important!