Single price list item not coming

Hi Ewa,

When I am trying to get all price list items it’s working fine by calling api but when I try to call api for a single item it shows me that {“errors”:{“error”:{“message”:“Resource not found”}}}

One more question is, can I create price list item?


Hello Nishit

Thanks for your post, one of the Engineering team will respond to you soon.

In future, if you’re able to create posts without asking individual engineers that would be very much appreciated (and may actually get your query answered quicker if that engineer is away).

Thanks very much.

Stu McEwan

Core Services:API Product Manager

Hi Nishit,

It looks like this might be due to a tiny typo that sneaked into our documentation, the correct URL for the Get a single Price List Item endpoint is /v2/price_list_items/:id.

Thanks a lot for flagging this, we’ll get it updated in our docs right away :pray:

As for your other question regarding the creation of price list items, I’ve now replied to your original thread regarding this here.

Best wishes,