Show PAYE/VAT owed and not just what is due

It would be helpful to net off PAYE and VAT payments against what FreeAgent has calculated is owed. Currently, only the amount calculated is shown and the payments are not netted off against this to show how much is owed on account. In the UI, this would be really useful on the home screen if the Tax Timeline showed owed amount due and what is still owed against that (if anything), in much the same an invoice would so then the user can see if they have under/over paid against what was due.

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Hi Nick,

Welcome to our API forum - thanks very much for your post!

This forum is setup for questions regarding the FreeAgent API and developing third party applications to use the API. Reading over your post, it seems to me that your feature request relates to the FreeAgent app in general, rather than the API specifically.

The best way to raise feature requests relating to the FreeAgent application is to send Support team an email at They will then be able to raise this feature request with the relevant team.

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I posted it here Andrew as there is essentially no way to post a feature request for the UI anymore, as that part of the blog has been removed. If I send an email, it will disappear off into a black hole. This is a feature that could also be used by those accessing the API too, so it has validity here.