Separate oAuth app needed for Partners?


I have an existing oAuth application in your API, “Staffology Payroll”

I am now adding support for practices/partners.

Do I need to set up a new application specifically for Partners? Or do I use the same one and I’ll be able to find out from the response whether the user authenticated as a standard user (and therefore the subdomain is found at /v2/company) or as a practice (and therefore I have to let the user choose the relevant company from /v2/clients)


Hi, Duane.

The way our API works is an app can either authenticate against companies OR practices - we don’t allow both. So you would need to create a new app via the Developer Dashboard and then open a ticket with support (making sure to include your OAuth identifier) to have that app switched to Practiced enabled. It’s not a perfect workflow but we’re working on it.

I hope that helps.



Hi Duane,

When you contact Support, please mention that you’ve already posted here on the forum and were instructed by Pat to get in touch. Support direct a lot of API queries back here to the forum, so I wanted to avoid you being sent in circles :+1:

Kind regards,
Dave J


Is there any way we can integrate third party payroll software with the freeagent to keep all data sync in both software?