Sensible FreeAgent Data Threshold

How far can we realistically expect to scale FreeAgent before we have some performance issues.

Right now we generate 1,250 Invoices and 1,000 Bills a month. Your documentation suggest this is over avisable figures. We use the API heavily but within the rate limited boundaries.

I have been watching this but it seems like it’s still in progress -

Hi, Jon.

There’s no hard limit on how much data you can add to FreeAgent. Although having reviewed your account you’re definitely one of our power users. We do everything we can to keep FreeAgent performant but over time you might notice a gradual slow-down when loading more expensive pages (e.g. accounting reports). We’d take this as a sign that you’re outgrowing FreeAgent for your business.

Sorry I can’t give you a more concrete answer.

Pat George, FreeAgent

What about progress on Cloud Pipes. Are web hooks system for status changes to Bills and Invoices would reduce my API usage by about 90%!