Retrieve full categories, including ones whose nominal code have "-"

Is there any way to retrieve all the categoriy list, including ones with “-”, such as 601-1?
There is a topic about this issue, but I am wondering if there is any update.

We need whole categories, because it is used as chart of account, and our cash flow forecast needs exact account.
Have tried to retrieve from trial_balance, but those items do not show up when amount is temporarily 0.

Thanks for your advice beforehand,

Hi Nori,

Thanks for your question. As you note (and as the previous topic noted), hitting the categories endpoint right now will not return categories with sub-codes. The reason for this is historical, and had to do with how FreeAgent handled this data. It should be possible for us to change this in the future.

Do you mind adding a vote to the card on our API board: I can’t promise when we will get this done, but this will help to inform our prioritisation.

When we get this updated, we’ll inform you via this topic.

Best regards,

Hi James,

Many thanks for adding idea!
Looking forward to update.

Best regards,