Replicon Polaris / FreeAgent API

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I have a few questions about API integrations. For Project, we would like to send the Total contract value from Polaris PSA to FreeAgent , as per the API, currently we see “Budget_units” in hours, can we use “Budget_Units” in API as currency?

For Invoice synchronization from Polaris PSA to FreeAgent, we are not finding the relevant fields for the below items in the FreeAgent API. Please guide us on how we can get these data in FreeAgent from Polaris.

• Tax
• Billing Address
• Notes for customer
• Project Name
• Resource Name
• Sub-Total
• VAT Calculation

Sorry, I don’t believe we currently have functionality to report on project totals in the API.

You can fetch a list of invoices for the project using the List all invoices related to a project API, but would need to sum the total_value from all of the invoices to work out the entire project value. The invoices also include sales_tax_value and net_value fields to help work out the tax and sub-totals, but this would need to be done in the API client. I’m not familiar with Polaris PSA to know whether it can do this, sorry.

You should be able to retrieve the contact address from the Contacts API, notes for the customer from the Notes API and project names from the Projects API.

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Hi Dominic,

Thanks for your reply, is it possible to arrange a call with yourself / another FreeAgent representative to discuss the FreeAgent API.


We can only offer API support through this forum, apologies.

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