Regarding lock date period

Hi @Ewa_Lipinska,

I am looking for an integration of the lock date so that bills are not posted into a closed / locked period to avoid any accounting issues.

Please update me regarding the same. Right now If am going to Account locking , it shows me like this and can not find how to enter lock date.

Please help me for the same.

Nishit Soni

Hi @nishitcaax,

Thanks for your question and for providing the helpful screenshot – I’m afraid FreeAgent won’t allow you to lock your accounts for a period in which you have unfiled VAT returns. To quote this article from our Knowledge Base:

If you are VAT registered, FreeAgent won’t allow you to lock your accounts to a date that falls during a period covered by an unfiled VAT return. For example, if your last filed VAT return was to the end of 31st October, you would only be able to lock up to that date. You’d have to wait till at least 7th November to apply the lock.

Depending on what you’re trying to do, one suggestion to lock down your accounts in a VAT period is to mark the relevant VAT return(s) as filed.

Best wishes,