Regarding Accounting Categories

Hi @Ewa_Lipinska,

I am trying to fetch accounting categories, I am not getting values as displayed in Settings > Accounting Categories. Example as below.

In Settings > Accounting Categories > Liabilities, I can see Credit Note Reconciliations with Reporting type “Contra” but when I am getting from API, it shows below response so basically Reporting type not coming, there are many accounting categories without reporting type

{“url”:“",“description”:"Credit Note Reconciliations”,“nominal_code”:“790”}

Please update me regarding the same.

Hi @nishitcaax,

Thanks for flagging this, and apologies for keeping you waiting – I’m just checking with the team to see if this is an oversight or intended behaviour; I’ll let you know on this thread as soon as I find out!

Best wishes,


Hi again @nishitcaax,

I’ve spoken to the team who are our internal experts on anything tax-related, and they’ve confirmed that the behaviour you’re seeing is expected. Our /categories API endpoint surfaces the tax_reporting_type for spending categories only – it is included in the API to tell you how associated expense transactions will be treated on the self assessment (and to determine which ones are reclaimable).

On the other hand, the purpose of the reporting type you see in the web app UI for all the other categories such as Credit Note Reconciliations (790) is to group associated transactions in the balance sheet produced within FreeAgent. It looks like so far we’ve not had a use case for including this information in the API response. If it’s something you’d find useful, could you give me a bit more information about how you’d wish to use these reporting types in your integration? The more information the better, as it will help me write up an accurate feature request for our Product Team to consider.

Best wishes,