Recurring payments via Stripe

After requesting whether the Stripe integration includes support for recurring transactions, particularly with respect to customers not having to re-enter their details for every payment and discovering that this is not yet implemented, I’d like to request the feature.


If a customer does not yet have an automated Stripe payment profile set up for settling the fees of their recurring invoices, prompt them to enter their credit card details.

There should be a default ticked option, confirming that they approve ongoing, automatic payments to occur, without having to re-enter their details again.

If they’d prefer to manually enter their credit card details each time, then they’re able to remove the ticked option.


I have no experience with using Stripe yet, so my assumptions of its features may be inaccurate.

I’ve subsequently seen that the GoCardless transaction fees are lower than Stripe’s and I’d be able to use FreeAgents GoCardless integration for recurring payments.

Perhaps this is the solution for those who haven’t yet set up an account with either.

For businesses with established Stripe accounts already would obviously benefit from this feature.


Thanks for reaching out to us on this, it’s always great to hear requests on how we could better things.

As you’ve seen, Stripe is used for accepting debit and credit card payments whilst GoCardless is for direct debit mandates. The improvement you suggest (allowing customer’s to accept recurring automated payments), is not something that we support, and being honest, I don’t know if that is something that Stripe allow, let alone make the functionality available via their API for us to adopt too.

Nevertheless, I shall certainly pass this request on to the relevant Product team that handles our Stripe integration, so that it will be considered.


Stuart McEwan
Core Services:API Product Manager

Thanks for the response, Stuart.

I have also emailed Stripe support for more information on whether they might support recurring payments via their API in future.

The challenge for my business, is that we have many customers in countries outside of those supported by GoCardless, so credit card transactions are still a necessity.

As of writing this, I don’t know whether FreeAgent might support dual integrations - ie. GoCardless for some customers and Stripe for others. That may help with spreading the integration costs.


Thanks for your reply.

You can absolutely have GoCardless mandates enabled for some users, and Stripe for others.

We have a complete set of guides to how these work in FreeAgent here.

Should you need any help setting these up, please do reach out to our Support Team at


Stuart McEwan
Core Services:API Product Manager