Recurring invoices via the API

Seem to be getting strange behavior and incorrect data returned with the recurring_invoices API,

  • When getting a list of recurring_invoices, the reference returned is of the base or latest invoice and not the 3 digit recurring invoice reference.shown on the FreeAgent site.
  • The documented ‘List all recurring invoices related to a contact’ example returns all recurring invoices, it seems to be ignoring this filter.

Work around for the second issue is to get all recurring invoices and filtering them after the API call, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the recurring invoice reference?

Hi karolo,

Thanks for flagging this. We have now deployed two changes:

  • A profile_id attribute on the recurring invoice which will give you the same value as the “Profile ID” displayed inside FreeAgent;
  • Fixed the contact filtering to work as described in our API documentation

Please do let us know if you have any more issues.


Hi Ioan,

Thank you for looking into this and fixing both issues. Can confirm they both work great.

Thanks again

Dear Friends,

Is there any API for the Recurring Invoice for the following.

1.Update the Recurring Invoice State to ACTIVE or Draft ?
2.Update the Line Item qty for a Recurring Invoice ?


Looks like due to risks involved, the recurring api for updating is not exposed. We have settled down using manual update.