Rate limits for access token refreshes


I was wondering what the rate limit is for access token refreshes across all users?

For one user I believe it is 15 per minute; and I believe there is a limit of 120 general requests per user per minute.

However I have just started seeing “You must not exceed 120 requests per 60 seconds” from the access token endpoint when I try to refresh all my users’ access tokens. Is that expected?

Many thanks!

Andrew Stewart


Hi there! Nothing’s changed on our side. That limit your are seeing is from our burst api limiter, and that’s been there since the start. I’m very curious to learn what is going on! Can you please directly message (don’t post them on the forum) me the IP address(es) of the machine(s) you are being rate limited on, and an approx time and date you saw those messages, and I can investigate our logs.


Senior Engineer API/Core Services.