Quickstart documentation

I dont think the quick start documentation is up to date. For starters, I cant get the simple example to work to show the company details.

Following your quick start, there are several areas which are not clear.

First, the first few lines under " Quick start using the Google OAuth 2.0 Playground" dont look like instructions, more of what we will be doing, since the next paragraph is labeled “Setup Instructions”.
Why dont you just number every step? so people know where to start

Following on in the setup instructions, the yellow boxed text is instructional - even though it doesnt look like it. Instead of saying things like "Click on the Cog… " Why dont you take an IMAGE of the google developers area to highlight what you are talking about and just point to it with the values we need to enter?

instead of saying " With the Link icon you can create a link to save these settings for future use and if you tick Include OAuth credentials and OAuth tokens in the link you won’t have to enter the Client ID and Secret each time."
why not just show the image with checkbox and then put what it means below it?

" Click **Authorize APIs""" WHERE? where is this? whouldnt it have been simpler to show this in an image?

Needless to say i cant get this to work.

for the simple example, i get the following

Transfer-encoding: chunked
Strict-transport-security: max-age=31536000;
Vary: Origin
X-runtime: 0.011606
Server: nginx
Content-security-policy-report-only:  Lots of stuff..

  "errors": {
    "error": {
      "message": "Malformed Authorization HTTP header.  Should be of form \"Authorization: Bearer TOKEN\""

Ok. Found the Authorize APIs.
But Even when i have found the scope and authorize APIs, I cant get past the login, even though I have reset my passwrord, and manage to get into the developer area using my password