Pulling Corporation Tax figures

Hi All,

Newbie here looking for some community help.

I’m doing some work for a new client and I’m trying to pull in some data from Freeagnet in order to report with other data help in other sources.

I have been shown the client’s dashboard and there are a few figures listed below.

  1. Corporate Tax Liability (potentially 2 separate figures)
  2. VAT Liability (potentially 2 separate figures)

I’m trying to find these using the API documentation but I’m on a steep learning curve. is there a simple way to pull this data using the API from one of the endpoints.

Much appreciate any advise

Hello again Jason :wave:

Similarly to your other query, if you’re looking for total amounts in tax liability accounts at a specific point in time, the best place to find them would be in the Trial Balance summary using this API endpoint. It will allow you to obtain totals in accounts related to VAT and Corporation Tax (I’d recommend looking at the range of nominal codes between 817 and 825 to see which numbers you’ll need for your client).

I hope this helps!

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