Project profitability

I am currently trying to pull through project profitability information. I have tracked back through a number of historical posts and can’t find a good answer.
I’d just like to confirm a few things

  • There is currently no ability to pull through Project P&L as available in the UI?
  • If I cannot pull the P&L directly what is best way to construct it?
    I can pull through project invoices and expenses fine but project level expenses that come from bank transactions are not returned in the API but they do show in the UI. Expenses created directly through the UI (i.e. as out of pocket expenses) are returned but this only represents a very small amount of data.

Seems like a lot of work to generate a view that is already available in the UI?

Hi there,

I’m afraid you’re right that there isn’t currently a straightforward way to get the Project-level Profit & Loss figures over the API. I can certainly understand that it’s a bit involved to gather all the required information manually - I’ll pass on your request for consideration as something we may want to add to the API.

Chris Howlett

Hi Chris

thanks for reply. Can you confirm which constructs I’d need to assemble that view?
From what I can tell when I look at expenses at a project level in the UI I am actually seeing expenses and bank explanations so presumably I’d need to get expenses, bills and filtered bank explanations?

I’m afraid our web UI’s P&L report is based on FreeAgent’s internal accounting ledgers, which are more complex than can be returned over the API.

However, your proposed requests sound about right - using Invoices for money-in, project-linked Bills and Expenses together with project-linked Bank Explanations for money-out, should get you there. We just can’t guarantee the number will exactly match that in the UI, as it was calculated a different way.

I’m sorry I can’t give you an easier answer at this stage; but I have logged the request for us to offer access to that data through a dedicated endpoint.