Profit & Loss endpoint issue

I have a problem with the Profit & Loss endpoint. Even if I change parameters from, to in the request, I get the same response. For example, with such a request (accounting/profit_and_loss/summary?from=2019-02-01&to=2019-02-28), I receive response from 2020-12-31 - 2021-03-23. Similar endpoints work fine for Trial balance and Cashflow reports.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to our API Forum! I’m afraid the P&L summary endpoint doesn’t currently accept date filters, as the documentation states it can only return the profit and loss for the current accounting period. However, it is something that has been requested before, so on the back of your post I’ve now upvoted the feature request to support custom P&L date ranges in our internal tracking tool.

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Any thoughts about how long that process could take?