Price List Features - lack of

Some way to group price list items would be really usefull, with ‘Group’ or ‘Category’ name. So for instance we could have a list called ‘paint’ and another called ‘plasterboard’ etc etc.
Also the ability to rearange the price list items on the fly…

Price list is usefull but the functionality is very limmited at the moment.

Any thoughts?

Hi greyham :wave:

James from FreeAgent here. I can very much see how having some more control over how to organise your Price list items could be very handy to have. I have logged your feature request which should get triaged by the appropriate team for consideration.

All the best,


I would like to add to this:

Adding currencies to individual items, or at least, adding a currency to the entire list.

We invoice in multiple currencies, and when we add items from the price list to an invoice in euro’s, the item price set as “10.00” suddenly becomes €10,00 instead of converting the price in the list from pounds to euros.

Lack of currency awareness makes the entire feature useless for us.