Pop-up calendar on invoice due dates?

Currently I have to use a third party website (https://www.timeanddate.com/) to work out the number of days for when an invoice would be due - It varies for my customers.

Please can we have a pop-up calendar so we can select the date instead of reverting to another system to work this out?

Applying this invoice specific would be even better!


Thanks for your suggestion! I’m sorry that you’re having to work around it for now, but I’ll pass this on to our Product team to consider.

This forum is designed to provide help and guidance for our API developers, so it’s generally best to raise these requests via our Support team, support@freeagent.com in future.

Kind regards,

Thanks Dominic, sorry I didn’t realise - I have asked previously and again today in a live chat session - I actually suggested to the guy who was helping me there should be a community forum where ideas can be upvoted so FA are aware of what people actually want rather than adding features without knowing if they are required.

Then I found this forum :slight_smile:

That’s no problem, thanks for getting in touch! :slight_smile: