Permit accountants to authorise

We have an application that only wants to access Company data (as opposed to the Accountancy Practice API). Because of this we have not ticked “Enable Accountancy Practice API” in the Developer Dashboard.

This works fine for most of our customers, but it means that accountants cannot use our application on their client’s data (on a case-by-case basis): they receive an error telling them that “this app is not available for accountants”.

What is the recommended workaround for this? Does the accountant need to use a different login for the dataset or something?

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for the question and for bearing with us on the response.

In the scenario you describe, you would need to operate under two logins, and create a new API application for accountancy practices. Unfortunately, we need to know up-front whether an application will be connecting at a company or accountancy practice level. You will not be able to have one application that switches between the company API and the practices API.

By way of context, the reason for this is that we need to know a little more information when using the Practices API. Specifically, the token for the practice API identifies the Account Manager of the practice, rather than the company itself. Consequently, the practices API requires some more information to be added to the request metadata to then identify which company is being queried. As a result of this, we need to know upfront whether the application will be connecting at a company or accountancy level.

In short - as you identify - yes, a different login would be required.

Hope this helps but please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of any further help.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for that. Just so we know what to go back to the customer with, what does a different account entail? Do they need to be invited in to the company with a different email address, or could they get the owner of the company to consent instead?